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ponycorns rock.

I LOVE this (via @Mrdarrengarrett). Welcome to Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure. This is why I will probably never have children (or cats). I would spend a looonnnng time exploiting their creative innocence for my own personal gain obvs. Adorable. I want a ponycorn. Now.

Yay Sissy and her education fund.

I *will* possibly get a chance to do this kind of thing, come to think if it, without actually having to go through the agony of childbirth, as I have just had my induction to be a Ministry of Stories Minister in Training. I might even get to work in the Monster Shop. Check out the history and inspiration here.

They do writing mentor workshops with primary school age and will be working  with older excluded kids soon too. Can’t wait. Bring on the Mortal Terror.