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wang shapes

I know, I know: give me a break! I started a new job.

OK, so not the most intellectual post to kick this off again. I just wanted to show you the Best Flickr Gallery Ever: Wang Shaped Things. Proud that one of my photos has become a part of nature’s wonders.

Enjoy people, enjoy.

Is a penis really necessary on a cake decoration?



Well, is it? Really? I did not make these, although I *did* make the cake.*

They were from Tescos and even my seven year old niece noticed their strange bulges.

My personal favourite is the one in the centre but the one on the right looks very pleased with his, er, package.**

*I have not made a cake for many years and forgotten how easy it is to think it is easy and how hard it is to make it not hard.

**They all look ever so demented.