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Dipping with Google maps

I love this. This is the impact of digital media. People are scouring Google maps to locate posh pools in order to party in them at odd hours – often when the owners are asleep or out. Called “Dipping” (no shit), they are obviously and quite practically using Facebook to organise their events. Hilarious.

The dippers often bring a bike, says The Telegraph, to make a quick escape and they like to dress up. Which seems a bit odd since you are supposed to be swimming. Hey ho.

Furries hit the mainstream?

So I couldn’t help smiling reading the Metro* on the Tube this morning** when I came across this piece on Furries. Yes, Furries in the Metro.

It neatly explains and quite successfully normalises the motivations behind the human desire to dress as an animal and hang around with others who like the same.

It even gives readers some tips on furry lingo. Says the piece:

A common misconception about furries is they want to have sex with real animals. This confusion often comes from hardcore sites which contain sketches of a half-man, half-zebra figure having sex with a lion or orgies of lesbian wolves. Others describe the beauty of busty cows and curvy, doe-eyed donkeys. However, this is an unfair reflection – furries are far more interested in the idea of humans and animals ‘as one’.

Of course, Furries have been a big part of online cultures for a long long time, and they are very visible in places like Second Life.

But I am tempted to check out the furry meets, especially the world’s largest furmeet which, according to the article, takes place in Pittsburgh. Around 4,000 furries are expected at Anthrocon, next week.

I especially like this comment from one of the contributors, FoxB:

I know of relationships that evolve in the furry community between two people but I just like dressing up and looking like a prat. It makes me happy.

Nice to see the Metro shining a light on the furry fellas.

*The Metro is the free newspaper every commuter in urban areas across the UK know and sometimes love.

**Despite many irritating delays today.

***Image from the Metro. I love the bunny at the end fiddling with his/her head.