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fashion dharling.

So after The End launched in August, the next project out of the blocks that I am immensely proud of, since it was one of my first commissions in the job, is the fantastic start up Inensu‘s Closet Swap. Like Sweatshop, it was conceptualised as a playful way of getting young people thinking about the choices they make in fashion.

Not about ethical fashion, but more about sustainable fashion, the site feeds off your Facebook social graph and lets you swap clothes for points (the more sustainable, the more points you get) with your mates. There are leaderboards too.

The iPhone buddy app which launches soon, lets you snap a wanted item while you are out and about and post it to your FB wall as a fashion SOS. It also tells you all about sustainable designers to look out for in the shops, and tells you where your nearest charity and vintage shops are.

I expect to see some really interesting stories coming out of this, and it’s already been nominated for a Bima Award!

Paulina Bozek, the mastermind behind Singstar, is a creative genius and a pleasure to work with. I shall be eagerly trying to borrow ALL HER CLOTHES too.

Some coverage:

Singstar creator sets sights on ethical fashion

Channel 4 Education announces Closet Swap


Grab the trailer. Or just watch it.

my baby sweatshop.

This is something I am Very Proud Of. It is my first games commission at C4 which I have seen from commission to live. It’s by the wonderful-to-work-with Littleloud and was part of our call for ideas around fashion and ethics last year. This turned out to be a way into global economics and is a classic example of cleverly taking a familiar game mechanic (Tower Defence) and use it to make learning happen through the game play.

I love the darkness of the Boss, the comedy of the references and scripting, the Gary Lucken art, and the 8 bit soundtrack. But most of all, I love the guilt of players and that many of the blog review comments have been about the politics of sweatshops, not whether people love or hate the music. And this is the point: *this* is why we do what we do,with the people we do it with.*

It is also our first game out of the door from the 2011 stable. More to come, including The End, a game about death, by the fantastic Preloaded and commissioned by Alice. Watch this space.

* And they squeezed in a cat for me (scroll to the end of this piece!)