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patents are weird

Aren’t they? I mean, how can Google file on an idea like this? This is not a new idea: people have experimented with annotations on YouTube in a similar way to enhance storytelling for a while. In fact, YouTubers play with annotations all the time. They just don’t call it a “game”.

The Met Police made a choose your own ending game on YouTube using annotations in June 2009, and I think the idea has some potential for formats. Although, this example did not take you on unexpected journeys through other video content on other profiles.

But patent the system? Hmm…

PC World picks out what may be an interesting bit of the patent application:

Google’s proposed system also includes new sensor technology like speech recognition and a video analysis module capable of recognizing objects and automatically assigning annotations to them. Suggested applications include providing links to relevant products and services (so that users might click on a plasma TV and open a new page comparing prices and providing relevant background info) or tying game elements like text boxes or title cards to unique human faces.

But, again, in my early days as a tech reporter, this kind of system was the promise of iptv. If anyone feels like going through the patent application in detail, do let me know if there something I am missing here.

WoW polled on Presidential Election

I love the fact that the interviewer is in a bikini. Via Metaverse Journal.

Says Metaverse Journal:

Obama polled 62% across the whole Azeroth population, with McCain been favoured by Alliance whilst Obama is the pick of the Horde.

Are Night Eleves Democrat?

Spammers and Youtubers

Don’t ask me why I deliberately searched for the most boring videos on YouTube, but I did, and this is what I found. Actually, it is pretty good and made me chuckle wryly.*

You might enjoy it – Youtubers can be so boring from superdogdoo.

*Seesmic+irritating Youtube spammer=timeline fun

Paris and Leno interview

I know, I know, it’s been too long. But Facebook, iilwy, and Twitter antics have pwned my blogging.

But I saw this, and I thought of you. Although if “you” are American, you have no doubt seen this. But I am not. Heh.

Zimmer rock

Just watched the very end of the Great Granny Chart Invasion on BBC Two. Looked good. Caught the whole My Generation cover and video by The Zimmers. Great stuff. Go grans hehe. Geriatric1927 should do his own video repsonse cover now (on YouTube). Heh.

Found this clip on YouTube – not on the BBC channel – which I think might be semi-official: it links to their myspace anyway.

Just returned to a cold, wet, miserable London after a very nice wekend in the countryside with family. Sister nearly went into labour. Heh. Surrounded by silage and prams. And lots of shopping.

Otters holding hands

This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Even those with concrete hearts will like it. And it is not even cat-related.

Low tech hi tech

Loving this low tech hi tech. I want one. heh.

User generated cheater detectives

See, this is why your so-called “user generated content” rules. I love YTwatchdog’s policing job of “cheaters” on YouTube. Every online community has them – trolls, haters, cheaters, griefers…

YTwatchdog, who counts “Your dad” as one of his influences, shows how some are spamming the system with fake accounts – surprise surprise – to appear popular, pushing them up the “most viewed” page. Same old practice for a digital world, but I love the entertainment value like this which spins out of it. Call me simple, but this makes me giggle. You’ll get used to the voice. Reminds me of the early Bluggcast days.

Goodbye “Play” TV

Good. Those annoying premium “quiz shows” which have, in recent months, plagued my late night TV viewing, have been suspended from UK TV networks after a series of scandals and official probes* – for now.

There is nothing more irritating and more likely to drive people like me to YouTube than these stupid money-spinning shows which squat in prime B-movie, post club slots to pose questions like “What word am I thinking of? Hmmm? Come on, tell me, who’s going to call in??”. And the mugs always do.**

Of course, this does also include voting lines for more mainstream entertainment shows such as Falling Over on Ice and so on, but I am sure they can still make money with normal rate calls and texts – or maybe not. They just have to be a bit more innovative. Those late night “quiz” phone ins are not innovative. Nuh uh. Nope.

* Probes by the premium rate watchdog, Icstis. I think I read in the paper at the weekend that the chairman, Sir Alistair Graham, allegedly said he wanted to change its name because it currently sounded too much like a “urinary disease”.

**I do know someone who did win some money. About the amount he paid to get through.

An old favourite

Just rediscovered this sketch of Bush and Blair doing the Weakest Link. I first saw it on telly, on the BBC’s Don’t Watch That Watch This. The ultimate mainstream remix programme for the masses. This problem is it has a really bad title imho. It just does not chime with me when I flick through it on the EPG. Now I have been reminded.

Web 2.0 Heroes

I watched Heoroes * last night for the first time. It is the ultimate Web 2.0-ish TV programme and has been a massive hit. It is supposed to be comic-book-style, and it is.

But I say Web 2.0-ish because it has so many references to web 2 and 3-type cultures and practices. I think I even spotted the two famous Chinese N*Sync YouTubers, the Dormitory Boys, (seen in original video above) in cameo parts singing the same song in a bar, dressed in the same T-shirts. And one of the characters can teleport, just like in Second Life.

There are also symbols and clues dotted throughout the show, according to Wikipedia, for fan cultures to start gossiping about on forums and so on.

There were other things that I can’t remember right now – oh yeah, one of the characters is an internet stripper and another couple video stunts. Digital cultures cut through the whole thing basically.

*The official websites has all sorts of fun stuff on it, such as Hiro’s blog, a wiki…

Buxton does You Say We Pay

I posted this from YouTube a few days ago and forgot it did not work.

So here it is again.

The King and Queen of UK daytime TV, Richard & Judy, had a piece on YouTube last week and had some guests on to talk about it. They had the famous YouTube couple who did Dirty Dancing at their wedding (which I thought was incredibly dull), comedians Dave Gorman and Adam Buxton.

They featured some YouTube funnies, but also some of Adam’s stuff, which I love. I even came across his new BBC series Time Trumpet by watching the material on YouTube first.  He told R&J that YouTube was full of this kind of parodying  (see above – great Buxton remix of their competition*) but R&J weren’t the type to sue over something like this were they. Let’s hope not!

*I once got down to the final for this when I was hungover one day off – they were either going to come to me or another person on the line. They went to the other line.

Sea Horse baby birth/orgasm

Sea horses are very underrated creatures. Indeed, it is true that it might be to do with the fact we don’t see them very often, so don’t think about them a lot.

Check out this video
. Nice and educational. About 3.18 mins in, Sweetpea, the seahorse featured, passes her eggs onto the male sea horse (er – stallion??) and HE gives birth. It looks like an orgasm of tiny white things – and in fact they are baby seahorses.

Now, I know “birth” and “orgasm” may not necessarily go together in one’s mind, but just watch it. Maybe I am just a bit sick.

Introducing the book

Tech support woes are nothing new, it seems. Via Nick on the SL educators’ list, via What is the (next) message.

YouTube star goes mainstream

So YouTube funny gal LisaNova has been spotted for her unique take on situations and comedy (very good looking too) has landed herself a spot on the cast of MadTV, a US sketch show. Well done on her. There is much more of this to come, naturally, but good on this particular character. I find her hilarious.

She says she will continue with YouTube, but I wonder if she will a) have the inclination to or b) be allowed too.

YouTube furries

I think I have found some real life furries* amongst some anime “chicks” on YouTube. Check out rabbitinthem00n’s friends too**.If you are unfamiliar with furrie culture online, check out Wikipedia. I want “her” anime mask (not shown in this picture, obviously). Her profile says she is 80. Well, no one really pays attention to that – I am 105 on YouTube after all. But, in this case, she could well be. Who knows?***

*Check out this piece for some Second Life furry background.
**Some of whom border on the slightly dodgy.

***Although her hands don’t look like they belong to an 80 year old.

Masturbating cat

OK – so I am disappointed that after the Big Brother furore, Channel 4 has decided to axe their planned Wank Week.

Shame, I was rather hoping they would feature this video.


Meta meta

So I have been checking in every now and again with LonelyGirl15 and co. I sort of binge on the videos all at once.

Anyway, given that the news came out today that the ARG Perplex City (or Perspex City, as I have been calling it for a long time, ahem) has been solved (a UK man found a red cube in a Nothamptonshire woods and bagged 100k), I was intrigued to see this set of videos from tigerlilylynn.

Now I have never participated in an ARG – too short an attention span and little patience – so I am not sure about all the language and arg norms.

Whether she/he is part of the action and planted as a guide, or whether she/he is a true ARG nut just being helpful, I am not sure. But this has all sparked my interest again and I will now have to go watch all these other characters’ videos. I need to clone my eyes and brain!

Adventures in the World of Warcraft w/ Sarah B

WoW fans will love this – probably. Sarah B tells of her passion for WoW, her social life, and the pain of choosing to let your Warlock die. From minouye.

Big Media still in the dark

Why don’t Big Media get it yet?

The New York Times reports that Viacom has demanded that YouTube removes 100,000 of its clips from the site, uploaded mainly by the very people it is desperate to keep as the “audience”. If you listen to what YouTubers say about such clips, their take is characteristic of the culture of media that is growing. By letting the “audience” sort out and share the clips it likes most, which “it” thinks other people might like too, there is a great attention generating thing that happens. Some who stumble across such clips while on places like YouTube may never have bothered to watch the Daily Show before. Hard to believe, I know. But by stumbling on it there, who knows – they might be drawn to watch it properly on the tv (cos that screen is still useful to many you know).

Same goes with music clips and film snippits. Anyone who has spent enough time on the web knows this happens.

Boing Boing makes some more serious points about the “shockingly bad behaviour” displayed by all the corporates involved:

YouTube can’t afford to just let any lunatic — including the savage pricks at Viacom — indiscriminately censor the content it hosts. That’s not fair to its customers.

Kitten and his box

I love the determination of this kitten.

Meowarchy: Demon Cats

While we are here, check out this fantastic montage of Demon Cats. Look out for the ginger one who screams like a banshi and the smokey grey one who.. well… talk about being one pissed off kitty. *

*Although nothing in here is cruel in any way, the sounds are quite fiendish.

Amateur music making the YouTube way Bloody genius…

Bloody genius. Who needs music lessons eh?

Drilling through a laptop display Whoa – I thought…

Whoa – I thought it was going to be like a Stargate type thing for a moment there.

Pushing and shoving at PS3 Japan launch So the Son…

So the Sony PS3 has launched in Japan – but take a look at the mild frenzy it caused there as it was unleashed.