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Human Snake

I love it when games are taken into the world like this. This human version of Snake by Get Out and Play (which is an ngage thing by the looks of it) must have taken a bloody age to do. Great stuff.*

*Go to the site and see the making of…


“Five years from now a social networking site without a 3D universe will look like a dinosaur.”
– Mark Kern, president of Red 5 Studios.

Game 3.0

I like this. Via Crys’ jollies.

Sony’s 3D mall

While we are on the subject of virtual worlds, was thinking about the annoucement that Sony is create a virtual “mall” world for its Playstation community, complete with IM, voice and video. Apparently it “could help Sony jusify the high price of the PlayStation 3”, says Information Week.

I doubt that. See video here (looks like really nice graphics)

The online world also would include places for public gatherings, and a hall of fame for players who reach milestones in PlayStation games. In addition, Sony planned to lease space in Home to game developers and other third parties interested in setting up shop. “Think of it like a mall,” Sony spokesman Dave Karraker said. ‘They can lease space, and put anything they want in it.’

I wonder if the avatars you can create will be from game characters? When will I be able to be a tourist in my Second Life form to parties at the PlayStation world? (via my PS, obviously.) Will there be any PSP version, ever?? I can imagine it being full of a lot of “cool kids” showing off their high scores.

I like the way these things are heading, although they are all such walled gardens and don’t allow for much cross-metaverse pollination. Interesting stuff anyway.

Old people’s Wii

No kidding. The Wii is proving very popular amongst retirees, reports Engadget. They like the bowling. Won’t be long until they all start getting into Second Life, Wow and the like. Hehe. The penny dropped for my muther recently and she suggested a booming business model for SL and old folks homes after hearing me yabber on about it. She already owns

They should be out getting fresh air! (kiddin.)


The fantabulosa Sharonspotbottom has pointed me in the direction of My Next Favourite Website.
it is Wiikitty and features cats with Wiis and peripherals.

Reason No. 1001 to get a cat.*

*And indeed a Wii!!!

Gamers get more sex

Ha. This is an interesting bit of gratuitous PR. Gametart, apparently the UK’s biggest online games rental company, did a little survey – little it was: only 200 women in the sample – which suggests that women who play digital games have sex more often.

Of our sample of 200 women, those who played video games on average had sex 4.3 times a week while those who didn’t play games only had sex just 3.2 times a week. Perhaps even more promising for gamers is the fact that many of the women that we interviewed who have only recently started playing games said that they now have sex more often than before.

Gosh – a whole 1.1 more times!! The 0.1 being… hmmm….


Women of Warcraft

An excellent gallery of the women of World of Warcraft – or should that be Phoarcraft – and who would most likely play them in a film. Via Wonderland.

I especially like Troll (played by, er, Pink) and Tauren played by Big Momma.

Samorost 2

This is the most amazing thing I have seen all year. Via Lev Grossman.

Samorost 2 is in beautiful Flash – and I am not usually someone who has the patience to work out game puzzles. But here, it is so compellingly stunning, it just hooks you in and you want to click on everything. Magical.

DS Cat

DS Cat
DS Cat,
originally uploaded by bizargol.

Saw this on Wonderland and had to post too. Do you think it is playing Catz? I just got that.

College Saga – games meet meatspace Very funny. Fo…

Very funny. Forget machinima. Heh.