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Geek valentines

So if you are a geek and you have forgotton about Valentine’s Day because you have been too buried in code/games/SL/whatever, check out these geek-specific Valentine’s e-cards by Mitch on 4 color rebellion.


Gamers get more sex

Ha. This is an interesting bit of gratuitous PR. Gametart, apparently the UK’s biggest online games rental company, did a little survey – little it was: only 200 women in the sample – which suggests that women who play digital games have sex more often.

Of our sample of 200 women, those who played video games on average had sex 4.3 times a week while those who didn’t play games only had sex just 3.2 times a week. Perhaps even more promising for gamers is the fact that many of the women that we interviewed who have only recently started playing games said that they now have sex more often than before.

Gosh – a whole 1.1 more times!! The 0.1 being… hmmm….