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Head in a bag. On the Tube.

This is just about the only kind of good thing that happens on the London tube.*

Wish it had not looked like I was taking a snap of the people’s crotches.

*By that, I don’t mean to suggest that heads in bags are necessarily a good thing, but that when you see things like this, it makes the Tube A Good Place.

Hateful London Tube

In honour of my hateful Tube journey this morning, I have some lovely snippets of overheard, real life Tube Gossip from the one and only Manwhofellasleep. I started blogging about him before he got famous. So there.

Anyway, here…

3 January 2008:

1. He seems to have found his niche. He’s wearing converse and hanging out with indie kids.
2. …and I told him I didn’t care how many tea towels he had I wasn’t letting him rub it on me…
3. She’d actually left the tops on the carrots. Perhaps that’s how they cook them in Brazil.
4. East Ham and West Ham are just two sides of a village called Ham.
5. You just want to kill me, innit?
6. All i said was, if your girlfried was pregnant and, like, lactating, right, would you not find it kinky to milk her?
7. Who spells Jack with an I?
8. To be fair mate, it’s your call. Just don’t tell her I told you.
9. Why isn’t there a universal shoe size measuring system?
10. Have no fear, Graham’s here.

Time for some Tube Gossip

Time for some more Tube Gossip from the manwhofellasleep. I shall be having to do the tube again soon. Oh how fun.

Taken from 28 December 2006
1. She bought it in New Look for a fiver.
2. Yeah, but how can they justify charging so much for soft drinks?
3. Fuck Christmas. Fuck New Year. Fuck London Underground. No. I’m not drunk. Fuck off.
4. You can call me Mr T-Bone Shabazz.
5. Is anyone going to believe that Ewan McGregor grew that ‘tache?
6. Good King Wenceslas came to town…fa la la la la.
7. We could get naked children and cover them in bubble wrap.
8. She’s a typical student, hates Tony Blair, hates the government, loves Che Guevera… doesn’t really have a brain.
9. CSI’s got a plot. It’s gimmicky graphics and dead people.
10. Meet Pedro, the racist raisin!

Second Life London Tube station

Going Underground reports via Andy Green that there is a London Tube station in Second Life now. She* muses about a SL underground system. Joke not. This would be great. I advise anyone who tries out Second Life to go to bloghud and do a serach for trains etc. There you will find links to SL places where you can sit on a train and get taken on tours of places – the IBM island has a good one.

This, as in meatspace, is one of the best ways to be a tourist in my opinion. Sure, it’s great to walk around and discover bits of cities that no guide book can tell you about. But I like going on organised transport to get a feel for where’s where and what’s what in the city. I am also, ultimately, quite lazy.

Anyway, off to check out the station and see if it leads anywhere.**

* Great links here too to videos of lego and dancing on tube platforms.
** Just had an initial search for it – can’t find the bloomin thing (please can someone sort out Second Life’s search functions??!!) and Andy’s blog is damn hard to navigate imho!!