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Low tech hi tech

Loving this low tech hi tech. I want one. heh.

Old people’s Wii

No kidding. The Wii is proving very popular amongst retirees, reports Engadget. They like the bowling. Won’t be long until they all start getting into Second Life, Wow and the like. Hehe. The penny dropped for my muther recently and she suggested a booming business model for SL and old folks homes after hearing me yabber on about it. She already owns

They should be out getting fresh air! (kiddin.)

Joel Johnson rants

Oh gosh this is good.

This is from last week, but I missed it: Gizmodo editor on why consumer electronics are a  joke and why he blames every one of us but himself. hehehe. A chortle-making read. Via Nerd World.

Ads, DVRs, people and their dogs

This article has some interesting new Nielsen data to show what TV viewers who own DVRs already know – that you don’t always forward through the ads even if you own a DVR.

Indeed, some people actually enjoy ads – my sister loves them. Some of the are completely relevant to me – I am a sucker for new cleaning goods. I don’t shop in supermarkets, so the ads are the only way for me to find out about stuff like that.

Even when I am watching a DVR-ed programme, sometimes I a) forget to forward through them or b) use the ad break as a nautral toilet break/social time/drink-and-snack-making moment.

People are also still quite likely to tune into their fave TV prog at the same time as the rest of the world, which I still think is something a lot of people like to do – it’s that feeling of remote connectedness.

Technology like this lets you have more control over how you use your time – it can help you create breaks to do or experience other stuff.

What I especially like about this article is the dog in the picture (which I shan’t post here). He looks like he is fed up watching the ads and is desperate for his owners to fast forward. Or he has just seen a great ad for the latest dog chow. Or he is desperate for a wee and is urging his parents to take him for one during the ads.

Fujitsu’s “magic ink” picture technology

This is interesting (even if it took me a while to get my head around the story). This could add some fun into ARGs (alternate reality games) in the future, if it became pervasive enough. Clues could be everywhere and anywhere. Essentially, the technology encodes information and data into images in the way that can’t be seen well by the human eye – they can be seen by cameraphones however.

All sorts of unintended consequences from uses we would never imagine right now, I suspect.

All the brains gone

Strange and truly disturbing things seem to be happening. It emerged yesterday that computer science icon Jim Gray has disappeared after a solo sailing trip outside San Francisco Bay.

Late last year, the Cnet editor, James Kim died of exposure with hypothermia after his car and family got stuck.

Is there some sort of conspiracy going on here?

Drilling through a laptop display Whoa – I thought…

Whoa – I thought it was going to be like a Stargate type thing for a moment there.

Pushing and shoving at PS3 Japan launch So the Son…

So the Sony PS3 has launched in Japan – but take a look at the mild frenzy it caused there as it was unleashed.

The Seven Phases of Owning an iPod

A nice little cartoon here about the Seven Phases of Owning an iPod, found on Drivl via Kosso.

I am fast approaching Stage 5.5.