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If Facebook actually happened…

A fine take on what would happen if Facebook was actually real.

Nice one – courtesy of The Wall, coming soon to BBC Three.

Lily Allen’s embeddable widget

Lily Allen has a new chat show coming soon the BBC Three and it is attempting to do things differently in the spirit of Lily’s love of social networking.

The website is going to iterate as the show gets closer, and it has released an embeddable dynamic widget so that social networkers can stick it on their profile pages. This means they will always get the latest videos, and they will be able to vote on which bands should feature on the show each week. There is also a production blog, and of course Lily has her own Myspace presence.

Now, I would love to show it embedded here but for some reason the code won’t let me. It only seems to want to display the terms and conditions. I shall have to figure that one out. But go check it out for yourself.

It follows the philosophy of being where people are, so having takeaway content at its heart is key.