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Seesmic art

What I love about philosophically web 2.0 applications and services is the creativity they inspire or help to display in the people who don’t just “use” but who are part of the fabric of those applications and services.

Take this from a very talented Seesmic member, Till, as an example. These Seesmic portraits are simple really, but just fun.

He (I think it is he and others) has also done some great sketches of some of the community’s characters.

Check them out on this Flickr stream.

Seesmic, my new addiction.

Happy New Year (Hogmanay!!) all you people.

Damn you Seesmic. My latest obsession. It is pre-Alpha release and thanks (I think) to Dotben for sending me the invite. There are two very good reasons why I should not be on there but I won’t share them with you here.

It is basically micro-video-blogging. It is instantaneous, easy, compelling, addictive, fun, performative, playful, personal, public, easy, welcoming. It is essentially video banter and if I worked from home I would never get anything done.

It makes me feel a lot more connected and closer to people than Twitter or anything else. The Seesmic team – based in SF – also do neat little edits, shows, of the best of the last 24 hours (see the NY one above) which I like. This is something I think is really needed. It adds an extra incentive to participate for some too, I imagine. Makes it somehow even more personal.

Oh, I have also been chucked out of Facebook. More on that later, which is why I have been in search of a replacement. I really should get some kind of hobby which does not include sitting in front of screen doing really quite daft things until the wee small hours.