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Second Life and “TV”

So I was going to give a quick Second Life news update, but have been aware for quite some time that this is a futile effort – although the media frenzy around SL has died down somewhat. All the big media wigs are most likely sitting down in important meetings trying to figure out what to do in 3D immersive spaces.

It is much more effective to keep up with the news via something like World of SL or SLCN. While I was on the latter, I stumbled upon this titbit about an in-world “TV” network which has set up to challenge residents to make their own shows.

I think there is indeed a gap in the market for this kind of thing, and the people themselves will make the cream rise to the top, and start gathering around common points and people of interest. I can’t wait for proper shared “TV” playlists. This kind of content is something that I would probably like to watch through Joost. Except, it would have to be an aggregated set of shows – a network – which included machinima programming from all immersive spaces – 2 and 3D. Granted, a lot of shows might be a bit shit, but then so were most podcasts when they started a few years’ ago. But a deal through Joost could be about a premium, best of content offering, as decided by all of us first – around the web.

Anyway, here is what SLCN says about the venture:

In the coming months SLCN will become the, “voice of SL” the group says. The programming will come from residents and encompass all different areas and cultures. It will be a way of showing the real world what SL is and what the people of SL are all about. The idea behind SLCN is to open up the world of television and put it in the hands of everyone within SL.

They add that it means that anyone who has an “idea, a pitch or talent or anyone who thinks they can”, can. Now all I need is some imgination and decent computer.

Sony’s 3D mall

While we are on the subject of virtual worlds, was thinking about the annoucement that Sony is create a virtual “mall” world for its Playstation community, complete with IM, voice and video. Apparently it “could help Sony jusify the high price of the PlayStation 3”, says Information Week.

I doubt that. See video here (looks like really nice graphics)

The online world also would include places for public gatherings, and a hall of fame for players who reach milestones in PlayStation games. In addition, Sony planned to lease space in Home to game developers and other third parties interested in setting up shop. “Think of it like a mall,” Sony spokesman Dave Karraker said. ‘They can lease space, and put anything they want in it.’

I wonder if the avatars you can create will be from game characters? When will I be able to be a tourist in my Second Life form to parties at the PlayStation world? (via my PS, obviously.) Will there be any PSP version, ever?? I can imagine it being full of a lot of “cool kids” showing off their high scores.

I like the way these things are heading, although they are all such walled gardens and don’t allow for much cross-metaverse pollination. Interesting stuff anyway.

Speaking but not heard in Second Life?

I am slightly concerned about the potential adverse social effects that voice in Second Life might create.

Don’t get me wrong: I am all for having the choice to express yourself online in whatever way suits. But there is something more about SL that means the choice of voice might create social divides. I personally would only want voice if I could choose an anonymous one. Or even better still, if I could choose a celebrity soundalike or animal-type voice. Like a cat.

But you can’t yet.

Voice is currently being tested on the beta grid and Kosso has been experimenting. Lots people seem to be having lots of fun falling from the sky saying “ahhhh”. Because the sound varies in decibels according to how near or far you are. Hand that.

But there are lots of people who are dead against it. Some like talking text, others prefer to remain pseudanomymous (or whatever the expression is.) If I was chatting in a group and some of the group were text chatting, while others were “talking”, will the texters “be heard”? If there are mute options for individuals, isn’t that a bit like censorship or only hearing what, or who, you want to? Will there be Text Only land like Mature and PG and if so, will that create new segregations and potential exclusions?

Maybe not. Seems to work in games where it makes it easier to coordinate movements of team on a mission, as in Wow. We’ll see.

Cats, sex and uninvited guests

This is hilarious.

Warren Ellis who writes this Second Life column on Reuters’ site, found a German master and slave couple indulging in some bottom games with instruments on his land, which is up for sale. They objected to him telling them to go do their business elsewhere so he ejected their objects from his land, meaning the slave fell ungraciously on his arse.

This reminds me of when we came back to our backstage tent on the final night of the Glastonbury music festival a couple of years back to find a couple shagging in there, UNDER OUR DUVET! I threw chairs around outside the tent and ejected them with extreme verbal force. They were falling around starkers trying to get their pants back on and they left a wet patch.

This kind of thing is obviously not unusual by any means in SL, and can sometimes cause anti-social problems for neighbours, as Warren explains, when a sex playground grew up around his land previously:

There was (sic) dozens of people in there at any one time, getting sexual relief from cats and what have you. I ended up selling that land, simply because the region ground to a crawl — that many people in a region at any one time puts a horrendous load on the server and everything happens very, very slowly. And no one needs to see a man getting sexual relief from a cat in slow motion. Trust me.

Web 2.0 Heroes

I watched Heoroes * last night for the first time. It is the ultimate Web 2.0-ish TV programme and has been a massive hit. It is supposed to be comic-book-style, and it is.

But I say Web 2.0-ish because it has so many references to web 2 and 3-type cultures and practices. I think I even spotted the two famous Chinese N*Sync YouTubers, the Dormitory Boys, (seen in original video above) in cameo parts singing the same song in a bar, dressed in the same T-shirts. And one of the characters can teleport, just like in Second Life.

There are also symbols and clues dotted throughout the show, according to Wikipedia, for fan cultures to start gossiping about on forums and so on.

There were other things that I can’t remember right now – oh yeah, one of the characters is an internet stripper and another couple video stunts. Digital cultures cut through the whole thing basically.

*The official websites has all sorts of fun stuff on it, such as Hiro’s blog, a wiki…

Old people’s Wii

No kidding. The Wii is proving very popular amongst retirees, reports Engadget. They like the bowling. Won’t be long until they all start getting into Second Life, Wow and the like. Hehe. The penny dropped for my muther recently and she suggested a booming business model for SL and old folks homes after hearing me yabber on about it. She already owns

They should be out getting fresh air! (kiddin.)

Hillary Clinton Caricavatar

Scary. Very scary.

“Think about show this if/when she comes into SL”

…says Torley.

Second Life toolbar

I stumbled upon this. I have probably been underground while everyone else has been happily using this extensively, mind you.

It is a Second Life toolbar which even has an embedded media player in there so you can listen to SL podcasts etc.*

Cool. Now needs to get in there to supply it with its SL channel, and BlogHud needs a spot there with the RSS feeds from other sites…

What a cool little metaverse tool.

Keep the cross over tools coming!

*Actually, on further investigation I think it is just a radio player – I am not sure if you can load it up with podcast feeds yourself. That would be perfect for me.

YouTube furries

I think I have found some real life furries* amongst some anime “chicks” on YouTube. Check out rabbitinthem00n’s friends too**.If you are unfamiliar with furrie culture online, check out Wikipedia. I want “her” anime mask (not shown in this picture, obviously). Her profile says she is 80. Well, no one really pays attention to that – I am 105 on YouTube after all. But, in this case, she could well be. Who knows?***

*Check out this piece for some Second Life furry background.
**Some of whom border on the slightly dodgy.

***Although her hands don’t look like they belong to an 80 year old.

Second lives in the picture

Spike & Clarissa
Spike & Clarissa,
originally uploaded by Knights Alive.

I had forgotten how great the Second Life photo pool is on Flickr. A fantastic insight into people’s lives there…*

*There is a lovely sofa in one of these pictures – I want it in meatspace.

Second Life London Tube station

Going Underground reports via Andy Green that there is a London Tube station in Second Life now. She* muses about a SL underground system. Joke not. This would be great. I advise anyone who tries out Second Life to go to bloghud and do a serach for trains etc. There you will find links to SL places where you can sit on a train and get taken on tours of places – the IBM island has a good one.

This, as in meatspace, is one of the best ways to be a tourist in my opinion. Sure, it’s great to walk around and discover bits of cities that no guide book can tell you about. But I like going on organised transport to get a feel for where’s where and what’s what in the city. I am also, ultimately, quite lazy.

Anyway, off to check out the station and see if it leads anywhere.**

* Great links here too to videos of lego and dancing on tube platforms.
** Just had an initial search for it – can’t find the bloomin thing (please can someone sort out Second Life’s search functions??!!) and Andy’s blog is damn hard to navigate imho!!

Born yesterday

So I have been popping in and out of Second Life when I have time, but it is lonely and a bit boring when my mates aren’t there to play with. Yes, I could go and be sociable and meet new people, but they are all BORN YESTERDAY.

I have nothing against new residents – nothing at all. But you don’t have the same sort of shared cultural understanding developed over time, without a bit of hard work. Sometimes I just can’t be arsed to do the hard work. I want to have fun.

I picked up a new hud gadget, the Bijo Age Scanner, which tells me the names and SL ages of the first 16 avatars within 100m, together with their verification status. A * next to their name indicates that they are within 20m and within that range, they will hear what I am saying, obviously.

The oldest avatar I have “seen” so far has been a month old. Hmmm

Would be an interesting little experiment to track…

Happy New Year!

Dancing to some crappish music!!
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Happy Rez day!

Happy Rez day to me and a happy Hogmanay to you all! :0)
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Man thing and cat thing

Watching a slide show of Flickr pix at the Bloghud HQ.
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Chilling to music

The music keeps changing, but good stuff nonethless (such as my chemical romance etc) here at Illusion Factory. Nicely designed. A few too many deckchairs though (in the shape of meditation cushions).
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Christmas Fairy!

Always wanted to be a fairy at the top of the Xmas tree – checking out the Crayon offices on Crayonville. Season’s Greetings all! :0)
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You what: Mia Farrow to Discuss Darfur in Second Life

You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

I applaud this, but it is just not a collection of words you would ever imagine seeing in that order.

**oops sorry – hit publish there by accident**

I might go along and see what it feels like to be in the virtual presence of “celebrity” like her. No need for plastic surgery there eh? I might go in as an alt called The Real Mia or something – I have been working on a geriatric alt for Second Life. Almost done my pretties.

My first sofa

Decided it was about time I started to build my own stuff in Second LIfe
instead of spending all my money on other people’s. Problem is I am not
very artistic or logical. Anyway, this is my first sofa, tiffany lamps and
coffee table. I need many more textures. I think I will do some classes
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Make yourself part of the art. Avaremixing.
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Loving the new BlogHud feature!

Ooohh in a world of wonder! This Bloghud/Flickr/Second Life/Blogspot
crossposting feature is just too much fun and way too clever for its own
good!! hehe Koz Farina has been up all night doing this – he needs to step
away from the computer!
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Postcard from Second Life

Wicked custom illustrations by TCMCreations here at Cristat in Second LIfe.
Lovely – would like one for my wall I think. Oh wait – what wall? Currently
homless in SL.
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Second Life in Marie Claire

Second Life in Marie Claire
Second Life in Marie Claire,
originally uploaded by The Kitten’s Toe.

There I was in the hairdressers reading those hairdresser type mags (such as Marie Claire!) and lo and behold a wee article talking about Second Life.

Window shop live SL building

This is fantastically cool. Well-known Second Life builder Versu Richelieu is spending 72 hours in a shop window in the Big Apple while she builds in SL – all courtesy of Intel of course.

For 72 hours, Versu will eat, sleep, and live a completely digital life…all in a store window in New York City! Can she do it? Check out the live webcam and Second Life feeds below to see how she is doing! Or see the experiment in person at the Datavision Store on the corner of 5th Avenue and 39th Street in New York City.

I wish I could see this in NY for real – I am trying to think of who I know there who could go and take a photo or wave at me through the webcam. Any takers?

I am seeing more and more stuff happening which completely makes a mockery of our artificially divisive concepts of “real” and “virtual” life. Or at least, makes it apparent that these divsions have probably always been fairly meaningless.

Going to see if I can join her in SL. What would be great is if there was a Quicktime screen next to her in SL so that you could also watch her webcam live from within-world.