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Goodbye “Play” TV

Good. Those annoying premium “quiz shows” which have, in recent months, plagued my late night TV viewing, have been suspended from UK TV networks after a series of scandals and official probes* – for now.

There is nothing more irritating and more likely to drive people like me to YouTube than these stupid money-spinning shows which squat in prime B-movie, post club slots to pose questions like “What word am I thinking of? Hmmm? Come on, tell me, who’s going to call in??”. And the mugs always do.**

Of course, this does also include voting lines for more mainstream entertainment shows such as Falling Over on Ice and so on, but I am sure they can still make money with normal rate calls and texts – or maybe not. They just have to be a bit more innovative. Those late night “quiz” phone ins are not innovative. Nuh uh. Nope.

* Probes by the premium rate watchdog, Icstis. I think I read in the paper at the weekend that the chairman, Sir Alistair Graham, allegedly said he wanted to change its name because it currently sounded too much like a “urinary disease”.

**I do know someone who did win some money. About the amount he paid to get through.

You Say We Pay scrapped

Just days after posting about the Adam Buxton piss take of Richard & Judy’s quiz You Say We Pay, I find out the competition has been scrapped.

Turns out the quiz was a little bit of a money-spinning con. Callers have been demanding refunds after they found out they were still being allowed to call in to enter the competition even after potential winners had been chosen each day.

This is more bad news for Channel 4 after the Big Brother kerfuffle. The papers (The Mirror) here say that Channel 4 will be investigated – could be trouble. The Mirror also reports that a 62 year old player had raised this on the show’s forums ages ago, but claims she was kicked off and her posts were deleted. If this is true, then that is really quite sinister. Channel 4 claims she had made libellous comments about the presenters and that was why she was banned.

A spokesperson said people should use “proper channels” if they have complaints to make, instead of the forums. I say they don’t get it do they. They should be using the forums to pick up on exactly this kind of thing. It’s called audience partipation.

I am Superman: Who are you?

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