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No to videos in Flickr campaign

I was looking for suitable Calico cat pictures in Flickr when I stumbled across one of the most popular tags which happened to be “say no to videos in Flickr”.

I can see why. To be honest, I don’t really need to use the service for videos. Although they do seem to be good quality, and I don’t mind the time limit, I have had problems playing every video I have tried. Hence, I have given up.

I do have a very good connection.

Anyway, thought it was interesting to see a lot of strong feeling against the development.

Flickr and censorship?

So there seems to be a reet ole storm brewing over on Flickr. Yahoo has been accused of taking down or “censoring” people’s photos and comments after protests over an Icelandic single mum, artist’s photos being ripped off. Complicated.

But check out this post from the CEO of Zoomr…(Via Spin on Twitter)

Protest is alive and well

Except it seemed to me that there was one woman doing most of the hard work and the men kind of just mumbled their protest. Hmm. Outside India House in London.