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Topshop and podcast irritations

I just had my usual email newsletter from TopShop – you never know what you don’t actually need – and was interested to see the Kate Moss collection preview. UK papers, and especially our great-for-toilet-reading magazines such as Heat, have been full of “exclusive” previews of the clothes. This is the line she has famously “helped to design”.*

Anyway, the point is, there was a link to a video podcast of what looked like Kate talking/modelling the gear. But when you get to the page you have no option to download or subscribe to the podcast unless you have an iPod. ie it just automatically launches iTunes. It is as if they don’t know care that anything else exists. Or else they assume that the people they appeal to, who like fashion, have an iPod as a rite of passage.

Just ticks me off. I don’t have a video iPod, but I have an Archos. And I would quite like to see it please. I am sure I can eventually find the feed by subscribing to it via iTunes, but that is not quite the point now is it?

*She has pulled out stuff from her wardrobe and said “do that”.

LOL ads

I love this cartoon which is actually an ad for Godaddy, the domain name seller fave of podcasters and the like (because Adam Curry, the trans-cultural, sexually obsessed floppy haired Pied Piper of podcasting has a deal with them and also did some DIY ad campaigns with them through the podcast)… Saw this via our friend (who we also met via podcasting) Christian Burns.

Maybe I should rethink getting a cat. I have enough feeding to do in my own life. Now I just sound selfish.

**Completely irrelevant note to self: as an aside, never hang washing outside at this time of the year. You think it is mild and sunny, then it pisses down. And actually gets quite chilly.**