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Second Life and “TV”

So I was going to give a quick Second Life news update, but have been aware for quite some time that this is a futile effort – although the media frenzy around SL has died down somewhat. All the big media wigs are most likely sitting down in important meetings trying to figure out what to do in 3D immersive spaces.

It is much more effective to keep up with the news via something like World of SL or SLCN. While I was on the latter, I stumbled upon this titbit about an in-world “TV” network which has set up to challenge residents to make their own shows.

I think there is indeed a gap in the market for this kind of thing, and the people themselves will make the cream rise to the top, and start gathering around common points and people of interest. I can’t wait for proper shared “TV” playlists. This kind of content is something that I would probably like to watch through Joost. Except, it would have to be an aggregated set of shows – a network – which included machinima programming from all immersive spaces – 2 and 3D. Granted, a lot of shows might be a bit shit, but then so were most podcasts when they started a few years’ ago. But a deal through Joost could be about a premium, best of content offering, as decided by all of us first – around the web.

Anyway, here is what SLCN says about the venture:

In the coming months SLCN will become the, “voice of SL” the group says. The programming will come from residents and encompass all different areas and cultures. It will be a way of showing the real world what SL is and what the people of SL are all about. The idea behind SLCN is to open up the world of television and put it in the hands of everyone within SL.

They add that it means that anyone who has an “idea, a pitch or talent or anyone who thinks they can”, can. Now all I need is some imgination and decent computer.


“Five years from now a social networking site without a 3D universe will look like a dinosaur.”
– Mark Kern, president of Red 5 Studios.

Game 3.0

I like this. Via Crys’ jollies.

Speaking but not heard in Second Life?

I am slightly concerned about the potential adverse social effects that voice in Second Life might create.

Don’t get me wrong: I am all for having the choice to express yourself online in whatever way suits. But there is something more about SL that means the choice of voice might create social divides. I personally would only want voice if I could choose an anonymous one. Or even better still, if I could choose a celebrity soundalike or animal-type voice. Like a cat.

But you can’t yet.

Voice is currently being tested on the beta grid and Kosso has been experimenting. Lots people seem to be having lots of fun falling from the sky saying “ahhhh”. Because the sound varies in decibels according to how near or far you are. Hand that.

But there are lots of people who are dead against it. Some like talking text, others prefer to remain pseudanomymous (or whatever the expression is.) If I was chatting in a group and some of the group were text chatting, while others were “talking”, will the texters “be heard”? If there are mute options for individuals, isn’t that a bit like censorship or only hearing what, or who, you want to? Will there be Text Only land like Mature and PG and if so, will that create new segregations and potential exclusions?

Maybe not. Seems to work in games where it makes it easier to coordinate movements of team on a mission, as in Wow. We’ll see.