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Flirt in 23 characters. (That *was* 23 characters!)

So I have been having some free fun on iilwy. That’s I’m In Like With You. It is a kind of social network but you make contact by playing games with each other, which basically amounts to Q&As thrown at each other in 23 characters.

It’s a competition, a chase, a game – where you make up the rules of attraction, and you choose the winner. And if you’re playing someone else’s game, send charming messages, photos and video their way – and then bid to show you’re really interested. You have a limited number of points, so the more you bid, the more you’re in like. When the game is over, one lucky winner is chosen. Only then can you trade messages.

It fun! I have a fine collection on my “watch” list. Leave a comment if you want an invite – I think I still have some left.

Joel Johnson rants

Oh gosh this is good.

This is from last week, but I missed it: Gizmodo editor on why consumer electronics are a  joke and why he blames every one of us but himself. hehehe. A chortle-making read. Via Nerd World.

Geek valentines

So if you are a geek and you have forgotton about Valentine’s Day because you have been too buried in code/games/SL/whatever, check out these geek-specific Valentine’s e-cards by Mitch on 4 color rebellion.