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No to videos in Flickr campaign

I was looking for suitable Calico cat pictures in Flickr when I stumbled across one of the most popular tags which happened to be “say no to videos in Flickr”.

I can see why. To be honest, I don’t really need to use the service for videos. Although they do seem to be good quality, and I don’t mind the time limit, I have had problems playing every video I have tried. Hence, I have given up.

I do have a very good connection.

Anyway, thought it was interesting to see a lot of strong feeling against the development.

Concerted effort

OK, so I would say I am coming out of what I am going to call my “transitional period” and I am going to make a concerted effort to blog again, as I should be doing. I miss it.

I have been using the internet like some sort of plaything for a few months and I am not feeling connected to it in the same way as a result. Weirdly. That ends today.

Now I just have to find some interesting things to blog about hehe. In the meantime, check out these pics of flying cats from Junku, my favourite Flickr cat person.

Flickr and censorship?

So there seems to be a reet ole storm brewing over on Flickr. Yahoo has been accused of taking down or “censoring” people’s photos and comments after protests over an Icelandic single mum, artist’s photos being ripped off. Complicated.

But check out this post from the CEO of Zoomr…(Via Spin on Twitter)


So this is a photo of Kosso’s feet with rum punch, the sunset and the Caribbean ocean.

If you clicked on the photo about 10 minutes ago, you would have noticed a Flickr “user”, who has uploaded one photo, has added a note directly linking to a holiday site. At least I think it is, because I don’t want to go there and give them my hit.* It could well be something totally innocent. But I hope Yahoo gets any smart ideas about doing this with ads. I feel jacked. It might be a great little service for someone, but not me.

*By blogging about this, I wondered if they would probably get loads of bloomin’ hits so I have now removed the link.

Photo or painting?

Is it just me, or does this picture* look like a 17th Century painting, probably called something like Girl Poses With Dog?

*…from the mum of a friend of mine I used to work with (I first got my friend onto Flickr, then she got her mum onto it… and so on… total technophobes, but loving Flickr). It is my friend’s child.

Second lives in the picture

Spike & Clarissa
Spike & Clarissa,
originally uploaded by Knights Alive.

I had forgotten how great the Second Life photo pool is on Flickr. A fantastic insight into people’s lives there…*

*There is a lovely sofa in one of these pictures – I want it in meatspace.


The Wizard of the Wood

The Wizard of the Wood,

originally uploaded by jpoyner48.

I also forgot how much I love this group on Flickr.

Cats in odd places

originally uploaded by SuziJane.

Was checking out one of my much-neglected Flickr groups, Cats in Odd Places, and realised there 2,795 photos inthere! Well done people. How many calendars does that makle hmmm?