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WoW polled on Presidential Election

I love the fact that the interviewer is in a bikini. Via Metaverse Journal.

Says Metaverse Journal:

Obama polled 62% across the whole Azeroth population, with McCain been favoured by Alliance whilst Obama is the pick of the Horde.

Are Night Eleves Democrat?

Sales Guy vs Web Dude

This hit me via a mailing list I am on. Absolutely ace. It also gets funnier towards the end so stick with it. I wonder: which one are you more like? Courtesy of The Website is Down.

Paris and Leno interview

I know, I know, it’s been too long. But Facebook, iilwy, and Twitter antics have pwned my blogging.

But I saw this, and I thought of you. Although if “you” are American, you have no doubt seen this. But I am not. Heh.

Real-time comedy

I am liking the Twitter comedy emerging (Twitterdy?)*. Kind of like stand up for the digital mobs.

*Just found this one too – The Hoff – heheh

LOL ads

I love this cartoon which is actually an ad for Godaddy, the domain name seller fave of podcasters and the like (because Adam Curry, the trans-cultural, sexually obsessed floppy haired Pied Piper of podcasting has a deal with them and also did some DIY ad campaigns with them through the podcast)… Saw this via our friend (who we also met via podcasting) Christian Burns.

Maybe I should rethink getting a cat. I have enough feeding to do in my own life. Now I just sound selfish.

**Completely irrelevant note to self: as an aside, never hang washing outside at this time of the year. You think it is mild and sunny, then it pisses down. And actually gets quite chilly.**

User generated cheater detectives

See, this is why your so-called “user generated content” rules. I love YTwatchdog’s policing job of “cheaters” on YouTube. Every online community has them – trolls, haters, cheaters, griefers…

YTwatchdog, who counts “Your dad” as one of his influences, shows how some are spamming the system with fake accounts – surprise surprise – to appear popular, pushing them up the “most viewed” page. Same old practice for a digital world, but I love the entertainment value like this which spins out of it. Call me simple, but this makes me giggle. You’ll get used to the voice. Reminds me of the early Bluggcast days.

An old favourite

Just rediscovered this sketch of Bush and Blair doing the Weakest Link. I first saw it on telly, on the BBC’s Don’t Watch That Watch This. The ultimate mainstream remix programme for the masses. This problem is it has a really bad title imho. It just does not chime with me when I flick through it on the EPG. Now I have been reminded.

Joel Johnson rants

Oh gosh this is good.

This is from last week, but I missed it: Gizmodo editor on why consumer electronics are a  joke and why he blames every one of us but himself. hehehe. A chortle-making read. Via Nerd World.

Buxton does You Say We Pay

I posted this from YouTube a few days ago and forgot it did not work.

So here it is again.

The King and Queen of UK daytime TV, Richard & Judy, had a piece on YouTube last week and had some guests on to talk about it. They had the famous YouTube couple who did Dirty Dancing at their wedding (which I thought was incredibly dull), comedians Dave Gorman and Adam Buxton.

They featured some YouTube funnies, but also some of Adam’s stuff, which I love. I even came across his new BBC series Time Trumpet by watching the material on YouTube first.  He told R&J that YouTube was full of this kind of parodying  (see above – great Buxton remix of their competition*) but R&J weren’t the type to sue over something like this were they. Let’s hope not!

*I once got down to the final for this when I was hungover one day off – they were either going to come to me or another person on the line. They went to the other line.

YouTube star goes mainstream

So YouTube funny gal LisaNova has been spotted for her unique take on situations and comedy (very good looking too) has landed herself a spot on the cast of MadTV, a US sketch show. Well done on her. There is much more of this to come, naturally, but good on this particular character. I find her hilarious.

She says she will continue with YouTube, but I wonder if she will a) have the inclination to or b) be allowed too.

College Saga – games meet meatspace Very funny. Fo…

Very funny. Forget machinima. Heh.

The Seven Phases of Owning an iPod

A nice little cartoon here about the Seven Phases of Owning an iPod, found on Drivl via Kosso.

I am fast approaching Stage 5.5.