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Topshop and podcast irritations

I just had my usual email newsletter from TopShop – you never know what you don’t actually need – and was interested to see the Kate Moss collection preview. UK papers, and especially our great-for-toilet-reading magazines such as Heat, have been full of “exclusive” previews of the clothes. This is the line she has famously “helped to design”.*

Anyway, the point is, there was a link to a video podcast of what looked like Kate talking/modelling the gear. But when you get to the page you have no option to download or subscribe to the podcast unless you have an iPod. ie it just automatically launches iTunes. It is as if they don’t know care that anything else exists. Or else they assume that the people they appeal to, who like fashion, have an iPod as a rite of passage.

Just ticks me off. I don’t have a video iPod, but I have an Archos. And I would quite like to see it please. I am sure I can eventually find the feed by subscribing to it via iTunes, but that is not quite the point now is it?

*She has pulled out stuff from her wardrobe and said “do that”.

You Say We Pay scrapped

Just days after posting about the Adam Buxton piss take of Richard & Judy’s quiz You Say We Pay, I find out the competition has been scrapped.

Turns out the quiz was a little bit of a money-spinning con. Callers have been demanding refunds after they found out they were still being allowed to call in to enter the competition even after potential winners had been chosen each day.

This is more bad news for Channel 4 after the Big Brother kerfuffle. The papers (The Mirror) here say that Channel 4 will be investigated – could be trouble. The Mirror also reports that a 62 year old player had raised this on the show’s forums ages ago, but claims she was kicked off and her posts were deleted. If this is true, then that is really quite sinister. Channel 4 claims she had made libellous comments about the presenters and that was why she was banned.

A spokesperson said people should use “proper channels” if they have complaints to make, instead of the forums. I say they don’t get it do they. They should be using the forums to pick up on exactly this kind of thing. It’s called audience partipation.

Britney’s hair auction

Britney’s hair is being apparently being auctioned off.  Bids no less than $1m. What on earth would you do with it?? More importantly, does it come with a DNA test for proof of origin?? Place your bid here.

You what: Mia Farrow to Discuss Darfur in Second Life

You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

I applaud this, but it is just not a collection of words you would ever imagine seeing in that order.

**oops sorry – hit publish there by accident**

I might go along and see what it feels like to be in the virtual presence of “celebrity” like her. No need for plastic surgery there eh? I might go in as an alt called The Real Mia or something – I have been working on a geriatric alt for Second Life. Almost done my pretties.