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Happy New Year!

Dancing to some crappish music!!
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Man thing and cat thing

Watching a slide show of Flickr pix at the Bloghud HQ.
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Chilling to music

The music keeps changing, but good stuff nonethless (such as my chemical romance etc) here at Illusion Factory. Nicely designed. A few too many deckchairs though (in the shape of meditation cushions).
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Christmas Fairy!

Always wanted to be a fairy at the top of the Xmas tree – checking out the Crayon offices on Crayonville. Season’s Greetings all! :0)
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Loving the new BlogHud feature!

Ooohh in a world of wonder! This Bloghud/Flickr/Second Life/Blogspot
crossposting feature is just too much fun and way too clever for its own
good!! hehe Koz Farina has been up all night doing this – he needs to step
away from the computer!
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