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Firebox and Mind Candy – rockin!

I just came back, not at all drunk, (seriously – I drank 4 glasses of free wine and don’t feel AT ALL pissed. Really.) with goody bag in hand, from the Ignite Firebox party. I was informed that it had “something special in it (innit?) for the ladies” or something to that effect by the lovely PR gals. But I had no idea until I looked at it on the bus.*

Gosh what a lovely goody bag- air stuff, Stuff, T3, Perplex City cards.** Annnd a Magic Bullet (um – couldn’t find a link to it on Firebox?) and a naughty catalogue! Hehehe. Nice. Just what I need.
Met some good people tonight. Feel rather daft that I did not know or clicked before now that Michael Smith, CEO of Mind Candy (makers of Perspex – rather, Perplex City) also set up Firebox. I have met him at a couple of, well let’s say something silly like web 3.0 type gatherings, over the last year. I like the company’s thinking a lot.

I am in fact quite a loyal and long-time customer of theirs – as in Firebox. They now beat for me in terms of where I turn first to get those gifts for difficult people and those who you don’t really know very well, but who you feel you should “gift”.

Now I feel even more loyalty to Firebox in a way, because I like what Mind Candy does a lot.
Now, where did that goody bag go…

*Why is it you never see a taxi when you actually make a decision to spoil yourself by getting a taxi instead of the bus??

*Or, Perspex City which I always call it completely accidentally a lot of the time.

Web 2.0 Heroes

I watched Heoroes * last night for the first time. It is the ultimate Web 2.0-ish TV programme and has been a massive hit. It is supposed to be comic-book-style, and it is.

But I say Web 2.0-ish because it has so many references to web 2 and 3-type cultures and practices. I think I even spotted the two famous Chinese N*Sync YouTubers, the Dormitory Boys, (seen in original video above) in cameo parts singing the same song in a bar, dressed in the same T-shirts. And one of the characters can teleport, just like in Second Life.

There are also symbols and clues dotted throughout the show, according to Wikipedia, for fan cultures to start gossiping about on forums and so on.

There were other things that I can’t remember right now – oh yeah, one of the characters is an internet stripper and another couple video stunts. Digital cultures cut through the whole thing basically.

*The official websites has all sorts of fun stuff on it, such as Hiro’s blog, a wiki…

Fujitsu’s “magic ink” picture technology

This is interesting (even if it took me a while to get my head around the story). This could add some fun into ARGs (alternate reality games) in the future, if it became pervasive enough. Clues could be everywhere and anywhere. Essentially, the technology encodes information and data into images in the way that can’t be seen well by the human eye – they can be seen by cameraphones however.

All sorts of unintended consequences from uses we would never imagine right now, I suspect.

Meta meta

So I have been checking in every now and again with LonelyGirl15 and co. I sort of binge on the videos all at once.

Anyway, given that the news came out today that the ARG Perplex City (or Perspex City, as I have been calling it for a long time, ahem) has been solved (a UK man found a red cube in a Nothamptonshire woods and bagged 100k), I was intrigued to see this set of videos from tigerlilylynn.

Now I have never participated in an ARG – too short an attention span and little patience – so I am not sure about all the language and arg norms.

Whether she/he is part of the action and planted as a guide, or whether she/he is a true ARG nut just being helpful, I am not sure. But this has all sparked my interest again and I will now have to go watch all these other characters’ videos. I need to clone my eyes and brain!