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popular science archive, cats and internet tv

Ha! So my promise of blogging for the New Year lasted a while didn’t it.

I feel compelled today, however. I was a bit bored at work today (for oh so many reasons) and in a particularly bad mood, when a Boing Boing post pointed me to these classics which kept me amused for quite some time.

Popular Science magazine and Google have teamed together to put the magazine’s 137-year archive online, for free. You can only search the keyword right now.

Of course, my first keyword search was CATS. And this was one gem of an article I found amongst the various pieces on catamarans (left). It’s from January 1939. It helpfully explains, with the use of a sophisticated cardboard model, why cats always land on their feet.

I also uncovered this throughly controversial piece (below) debating the claim that dogs are smarter than cats (from p56 of May 1930 issue).

It claims cats have possibly not had a “fair show” in scientific experiments done thus far, and that this is about to change with some groundbreaking experimental work:

Because the dog is a gregarious, sociable animal that loves its master, is eager to please him, and is fond of praise, it is much easier for it to demonstrate its intelligence than it is for the cat. Solitary by nature and habit, indifferent to its master’s attitude and praise, the cat is difficult to “draw out”.

Indeed. Highly scientific analysis. It goes on. Great stuff.

I can’t help but read these pieces out loud in an old school BBC newsreader’s voice.

Do also check out some classics from 1996 on INTERNET TV.

Is a penis really necessary on a cake decoration?



Well, is it? Really? I did not make these, although I *did* make the cake.*

They were from Tescos and even my seven year old niece noticed their strange bulges.

My personal favourite is the one in the centre but the one on the right looks very pleased with his, er, package.**

*I have not made a cake for many years and forgotten how easy it is to think it is easy and how hard it is to make it not hard.

**They all look ever so demented.

Concerted effort

OK, so I would say I am coming out of what I am going to call my “transitional period” and I am going to make a concerted effort to blog again, as I should be doing. I miss it.

I have been using the internet like some sort of plaything for a few months and I am not feeling connected to it in the same way as a result. Weirdly. That ends today.

Now I just have to find some interesting things to blog about hehe. In the meantime, check out these pics of flying cats from Junku, my favourite Flickr cat person.

Funny bunny Pulp Fiction (in 30 seconds)

Brilliant Pulp Fiction in 30 seconds enacted by bunnies. As the title of this blog post suggests.

Like it a lot and would be the kind of thing I would devour on my mobile I suspect. Via Sofia on Twitter.

Otters holding hands

This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Even those with concrete hearts will like it. And it is not even cat-related.