thrilling warm up.

I love dressing up, me. The next time I am going to get to do it will be on 29th October. At the MCM Expo where we shall be launching The Thrill Electric. Come join us! Yes ma’am, we shall be in Victoriana and John Reppion and Leah Moore the lovely authors of the comic (it’s enhanced, you know) will be on a panel and doing a kind of director’s commentary.

Bleeding Cool did a lovely write up today trailing the event and showing off the first exclusive cover art – one of my favourites (although they are all magnificent, and by different very well know comic artists). I think it really is going to live up to expectations: almost a year in production. W00t. Well done to Hat Trick, Littleloud, John and Leah, Emma, and the wonderful Windflower.

App will follow soon after launch too!

One response to “thrilling warm up.

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