New Year, new blog

2009 was rather a tough year for me. If you scroll down a couple of posts from here you will see why. Blogging took more of a back seat than it ever did for me in the last 12 months as a result of events, and I am quite sad about that.

But as they say out with the old and in with the new. As well as kick starting my new fitness regime (er, soon, soon), my clear out of wardrobes (5 bin bags so far), and a promise to see more of mates, I decided a new change of clothes and breath of fresh air was in order for Kittenfluff in honour of the new decade (like it?). A proper domain name was required too.*

I will make a concerted effort to ensure this blog is perhaps a more useful reflection of what I really think about things around me in 2010, but I fear I will still be posting the same old crap.

But really, it’s the kind of crap I like so I make no apology for it. Cats included.

So: here’s to a better decade and a better blog.

*I was surprised it was free, but there we go: “kitten fluff” as an entity really is underrated you know.

6 responses to “New Year, new blog

  1. Like the new blog clothing. Mobile version workw really well too.

    Must make a propper effort to actually blog more myself. I always make the mistake of thinking I have to write long posts which I never get round to finishing (or even starting in many cases).

  2. Cheers Al! Indeed, it’s amazing how far 50 words or so actually go. :0)

  3. Nice, like the theme. Here’s to different years and the chance to change things around

  4. mydogminton – that’s why I turned to tumblogging. Why not give it a try?

  5. Oh welcome back! Fingers crossed for a better year.

  6. Wow! I must say this blog is one of the best sources of information on file formats.

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