20 top images in Google Maps

I never cease to be tickled by satellite images and the ingenuity of some people (and, ok, some brands) when it comes to playing around with Google Earth, the land, and the like.

Here is a nice little collection of the top 20 (one top 20 I imagine) “Awesome” images found in Google Maps, from Search Engine Land.

Also loving the Ghenghis Khan in Mongolia and the Icarus impact crater.

2 responses to “20 top images in Google Maps

  1. Those are fun, images of amusing things. The streetviews have some amusing elements to them as well. It’s fun to see the door to a house where I stayed in New York for example.

    Another thing that’s fun is to explore cities we know, whether London, Geneva, Rome or even the countryside where we live.

    For me at least it’s about exploring the city landscapes of places where I’ve been and seeing whether I can find my way around from the air.

    It’s a nice way of spending a few hours between seesmic posts.

  2. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

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