Seesmic, my new addiction.

Happy New Year (Hogmanay!!) all you people.

Damn you Seesmic. My latest obsession. It is pre-Alpha release and thanks (I think) to Dotben for sending me the invite. There are two very good reasons why I should not be on there but I won’t share them with you here.

It is basically micro-video-blogging. It is instantaneous, easy, compelling, addictive, fun, performative, playful, personal, public, easy, welcoming. It is essentially video banter and if I worked from home I would never get anything done.

It makes me feel a lot more connected and closer to people than Twitter or anything else. The Seesmic team – based in SF – also do neat little edits, shows, of the best of the last 24 hours (see the NY one above) which I like. This is something I think is really needed. It adds an extra incentive to participate for some too, I imagine. Makes it somehow even more personal.

Oh, I have also been chucked out of Facebook. More on that later, which is why I have been in search of a replacement. I really should get some kind of hobby which does not include sitting in front of screen doing really quite daft things until the wee small hours.


6 responses to “Seesmic, my new addiction.

  1. You’re more than welcome for the invite, Kittenfluff. There is going to be a London Seesmic meetup soon – when Loic and VinVin will be in London. I’m sure you’ll be invited!


  2. I’ll be there! I will just have to wear my blinkers. Hmm. And the wig?

  3. me too me too – just got on seesmic and want to play!

  4. nice to meet you on seesmic earlier .. i may get a little addicted to it over the next few weeks as im not supposed to do anything workwise (that would be if i worked for a living) for 6 weeks after my eye op / seesmic eyepatch day… ahh me harties i go into hospital in 3 hours and i cant sleep as im a wimp…

    ching ching

    eyepatch gleny

  5. Most help articles on the web are inacrcutae or incoherent. Not this!

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