Firebox and Mind Candy – rockin!

I just came back, not at all drunk, (seriously – I drank 4 glasses of free wine and don’t feel AT ALL pissed. Really.) with goody bag in hand, from the Ignite Firebox party. I was informed that it had “something special in it (innit?) for the ladies” or something to that effect by the lovely PR gals. But I had no idea until I looked at it on the bus.*

Gosh what a lovely goody bag- air stuff, Stuff, T3, Perplex City cards.** Annnd a Magic Bullet (um – couldn’t find a link to it on Firebox?) and a naughty catalogue! Hehehe. Nice. Just what I need.
Met some good people tonight. Feel rather daft that I did not know or clicked before now that Michael Smith, CEO of Mind Candy (makers of Perspex – rather, Perplex City) also set up Firebox. I have met him at a couple of, well let’s say something silly like web 3.0 type gatherings, over the last year. I like the company’s thinking a lot.

I am in fact quite a loyal and long-time customer of theirs – as in Firebox. They now beat for me in terms of where I turn first to get those gifts for difficult people and those who you don’t really know very well, but who you feel you should “gift”.

Now I feel even more loyalty to Firebox in a way, because I like what Mind Candy does a lot.
Now, where did that goody bag go…

*Why is it you never see a taxi when you actually make a decision to spoil yourself by getting a taxi instead of the bus??

*Or, Perspex City which I always call it completely accidentally a lot of the time.

One response to “Firebox and Mind Candy – rockin!

  1. I love the guys at Mind candy; I met up with Michael and Dan at SXSW. And I’m busy playing Perplex City v2 but failing miserably!

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