Minisode classics

Liking the idea of these minisodes. Especially of the shows we used to all know and love – the TV that takes you back to when you have just had a bath, and you are in your jammies, and allowed to stay up to watch the programme as a treat. Like Mash – I only have to hear the theme tune, and I am right back there.

Anyway, these could potentially be real fun snacky treats, and could also help give the impression you sound like you know all there is to know about a classic series. How many times have you had those “remember that episode” conversations. Now you could graze them all in the time it takes to make a coffee (with our posh machine anyway). Kinda like that Star Wars redit fans did of the Phantom Menace, the Phantom Edit. Cut out all the crap bits, or stuff you don’t really need, and keep the rest. And even better, btw, is the hint of a recognition here that these edits could officially be done by the fans themselves.

It’s just editing. Our people are really having fun with this. We’re not overthinking the process. You could almost look at this and say a group of college kids put this together.

One response to “Minisode classics

  1. I’m anxiously awaiting the launch of the minisode network in June & hope this takes off!

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