Topshop and podcast irritations

I just had my usual email newsletter from TopShop – you never know what you don’t actually need – and was interested to see the Kate Moss collection preview. UK papers, and especially our great-for-toilet-reading magazines such as Heat, have been full of “exclusive” previews of the clothes. This is the line she has famously “helped to design”.*

Anyway, the point is, there was a link to a video podcast of what looked like Kate talking/modelling the gear. But when you get to the page you have no option to download or subscribe to the podcast unless you have an iPod. ie it just automatically launches iTunes. It is as if they don’t know care that anything else exists. Or else they assume that the people they appeal to, who like fashion, have an iPod as a rite of passage.

Just ticks me off. I don’t have a video iPod, but I have an Archos. And I would quite like to see it please. I am sure I can eventually find the feed by subscribing to it via iTunes, but that is not quite the point now is it?

*She has pulled out stuff from her wardrobe and said “do that”.

7 responses to “Topshop and podcast irritations

  1. It looks like the podcast may only be available via iTunes, probably something that they’ve done in conjunction with Apple, hence the iPod/iTunes tie-in.

    BTW – did you make a decision on a new Mac?

    – Neil.

  2. which still sucks imho… hehe

    still wondering whether to wait until there is another announcement? bound to be a 13 inch macbook pro coming out – surely? i like shiny and backlit keyboards too much!

  3. I complained.

    Dear Topshop,

    you may want to engage the services of some digital consultants or agencies that understand the space when it comes to your kate Moss videos. Despite the name, a podcast does not have to go onto an iPod. I should not have to install a third party application to watch your content. I have a perfectly good media player on my computer as well as a brilliant mobile device. All of which can play video.

    So why are you discriminating against your audience because of your lack of knowledge. One of the key reasons to use something like iTunes would be to manage a subscription – but there are other applications like that out there as well. You should provide a straight forward way to just download the video, watch it online on your site or subscribe via RSS (assuming you are doing more than one). If you can’t build a video player. Put it on something like blip or revver to even YouTube. You want to sell your product – let me see your marketing. Don’t make it hard for you to sell to me, which is all you are doing now.


  4. Not so sure about a 13″ MBP. Apple look like they are trying to keep the product lines distinct this time, unlike the 12″ iBook/Powerbook mess.

    Of the differences between the MB and the MBP (express card slot, FW800, better graphics chipset), only the graphics card is viable in the 13″ form factor, which doesn’t really make enough of a difference, IMHO.

    On the subject of the post, I’m in agreement that the situation is less than optimal, was just trying to rationalise how it might have happened.

    – Neil.

  5. neil: hmmm – now all i have to work out is if it is cheaper flying out to NY to buy one!! hehee

    rachel: hear hear!

  6. the wonders of automated responses 😉 A simple grammar check may have improved the tone of the response1

    Dear Rachel Cgen,

    Thank you for your email.

    We were sorry to learn of your comments.

    Please be assured that your opinions are very valuable to us and your feedback
    will be passed through to the appropriate department.

  7. Hi Rachel,

    I’m currently the interactive designer at Tophop and design the podcasts. You may be interested to know, the original Topshop podcast was thought up, designed and implemented by an external digital agency.

    However, we have understood it to be a bit convoluted making everyone watch through itunes, so for our latest london fashion week podcasts we’ve put them online:

    We’re in discussions about whether to continue doing this for the following podcasts, but we understand your fustration.
    If you’d like to view the podcasts online, they’re up on youtube for all:


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