Goodbye “Play” TV

Good. Those annoying premium “quiz shows” which have, in recent months, plagued my late night TV viewing, have been suspended from UK TV networks after a series of scandals and official probes* – for now.

There is nothing more irritating and more likely to drive people like me to YouTube than these stupid money-spinning shows which squat in prime B-movie, post club slots to pose questions like “What word am I thinking of? Hmmm? Come on, tell me, who’s going to call in??”. And the mugs always do.**

Of course, this does also include voting lines for more mainstream entertainment shows such as Falling Over on Ice and so on, but I am sure they can still make money with normal rate calls and texts – or maybe not. They just have to be a bit more innovative. Those late night “quiz” phone ins are not innovative. Nuh uh. Nope.

* Probes by the premium rate watchdog, Icstis. I think I read in the paper at the weekend that the chairman, Sir Alistair Graham, allegedly said he wanted to change its name because it currently sounded too much like a “urinary disease”.

**I do know someone who did win some money. About the amount he paid to get through.

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  1. I’m a kitten lover

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