Baudrillard dies

Very sad to hear* about the death of Jean Baudrillard, the French philospher and sociologist. He was 77 and had been sick for some time.

He heavily influenced my thinking in my undergrad and postgrad years, especially when I started getting interested in the internet – or cyberspace as we all called it then. I remember being surprised he was still alive at the time I was reading him. I wish I had seen him at a conference. I wonder if he actually ever *did* any mmos or virtual worlds?

* I actually heard it on the radio while washing my face in the bathroom. The news reader didn’t half pronounce his name in a very odd way. Maybe it was a postmodern homage?

2 responses to “Baudrillard dies

  1. never regret the death of thinkers …-we never do

  2. 😦
    I am a sociologist…

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