Cats, sex and uninvited guests

This is hilarious.

Warren Ellis who writes this Second Life column on Reuters’ site, found a German master and slave couple indulging in some bottom games with instruments on his land, which is up for sale. They objected to him telling them to go do their business elsewhere so he ejected their objects from his land, meaning the slave fell ungraciously on his arse.

This reminds me of when we came back to our backstage tent on the final night of the Glastonbury music festival a couple of years back to find a couple shagging in there, UNDER OUR DUVET! I threw chairs around outside the tent and ejected them with extreme verbal force. They were falling around starkers trying to get their pants back on and they left a wet patch.

This kind of thing is obviously not unusual by any means in SL, and can sometimes cause anti-social problems for neighbours, as Warren explains, when a sex playground grew up around his land previously:

There was (sic) dozens of people in there at any one time, getting sexual relief from cats and what have you. I ended up selling that land, simply because the region ground to a crawl — that many people in a region at any one time puts a horrendous load on the server and everything happens very, very slowly. And no one needs to see a man getting sexual relief from a cat in slow motion. Trust me.

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