Buxton does You Say We Pay

I posted this from YouTube a few days ago and forgot it did not work.

So here it is again.

The King and Queen of UK daytime TV, Richard & Judy, had a piece on YouTube last week and had some guests on to talk about it. They had the famous YouTube couple who did Dirty Dancing at their wedding (which I thought was incredibly dull), comedians Dave Gorman and Adam Buxton.

They featured some YouTube funnies, but also some of Adam’s stuff, which I love. I even came across his new BBC series Time Trumpet by watching the material on YouTube first.  He told R&J that YouTube was full of this kind of parodying  (see above – great Buxton remix of their competition*) but R&J weren’t the type to sue over something like this were they. Let’s hope not!

*I once got down to the final for this when I was hungover one day off – they were either going to come to me or another person on the line. They went to the other line.

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