Ads, DVRs, people and their dogs

This article has some interesting new Nielsen data to show what TV viewers who own DVRs already know – that you don’t always forward through the ads even if you own a DVR.

Indeed, some people actually enjoy ads – my sister loves them. Some of the are completely relevant to me – I am a sucker for new cleaning goods. I don’t shop in supermarkets, so the ads are the only way for me to find out about stuff like that.

Even when I am watching a DVR-ed programme, sometimes I a) forget to forward through them or b) use the ad break as a nautral toilet break/social time/drink-and-snack-making moment.

People are also still quite likely to tune into their fave TV prog at the same time as the rest of the world, which I still think is something a lot of people like to do – it’s that feeling of remote connectedness.

Technology like this lets you have more control over how you use your time – it can help you create breaks to do or experience other stuff.

What I especially like about this article is the dog in the picture (which I shan’t post here). He looks like he is fed up watching the ads and is desperate for his owners to fast forward. Or he has just seen a great ad for the latest dog chow. Or he is desperate for a wee and is urging his parents to take him for one during the ads.

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