Second Life toolbar

I stumbled upon this. I have probably been underground while everyone else has been happily using this extensively, mind you.

It is a Second Life toolbar which even has an embedded media player in there so you can listen to SL podcasts etc.*

Cool. Now needs to get in there to supply it with its SL channel, and BlogHud needs a spot there with the RSS feeds from other sites…

What a cool little metaverse tool.

Keep the cross over tools coming!

*Actually, on further investigation I think it is just a radio player – I am not sure if you can load it up with podcast feeds yourself. That would be perfect for me.

2 responses to “Second Life toolbar

  1. hi,
    i am the creator of the toolbar.
    it’s easier for me, if you contact me via the contact-link in the toolbar (the menu next the toolbar-logo) 😉

    about the toolbar:
    you can hear radio and also podcasts with the radio-button and you can add your own favorites!

    and now, you can read rss from bloghud…

    thanx 4 your review

  2. Excellent stuff! Good work…


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