Time for some Tube Gossip

Time for some more Tube Gossip from the manwhofellasleep. I shall be having to do the tube again soon. Oh how fun.

Taken from 28 December 2006
1. She bought it in New Look for a fiver.
2. Yeah, but how can they justify charging so much for soft drinks?
3. Fuck Christmas. Fuck New Year. Fuck London Underground. No. I’m not drunk. Fuck off.
4. You can call me Mr T-Bone Shabazz.
5. Is anyone going to believe that Ewan McGregor grew that ‘tache?
6. Good King Wenceslas came to town…fa la la la la.
7. We could get naked children and cover them in bubble wrap.
8. She’s a typical student, hates Tony Blair, hates the government, loves Che Guevera… doesn’t really have a brain.
9. CSI’s got a plot. It’s gimmicky graphics and dead people.
10. Meet Pedro, the racist raisin!

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