Yahoo digital time capsule

I completely missed this digital timecapsule effort from Yahoo - which I saw while logging out
of Flickr.
For 30 days, from October 10 until November 8, Yahoo! users
worldwide can contribute photos, writings, videos, audio — even
drawings — to this electronic anthropology project. A mosaic of
revealing snapshots will be sealed and entrusted to Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
based in Washington D.C., officially taking its place in history.
Of course ealier this week we had the UK's National Trust do something similar
by asking us all to blog our day - er yesterday. I love time caspules.

Letting people use images sound and video as well as text is a much better proposition.

Flickr tools (or those created out of Flickr's API) make it so much more of an attractive option
too imho.

So nice idea and lovely interface. Makes me feel like I want to contribute a picture and caption.

So I go to "contribute" and - eh? But what is this? What do you mean I have to load a photo from
my computer?

Why I use Flickr to organise my photos of course - a Yahoo company of course - not my bloomin
hard drive! It is full of numbered folders. There is no intelligent organisation there as such. It does
not even give me the choice to just drag in a snap from my Yahoo photo account. Nope. Oh dear. Wtf?

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