Take your avatar to work

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More Figures
More Figures,
originally uploaded by MichaelBuckbee.

I have blogged about a 3D milling service which turns your in-world/game avatar and other objects into a dinky little physical object before.

Fabjectory here is another such service and although it is only for Second Life stuff at the moment, Michael Buckbee does say more coming soon. According to the FAQ:

The figures are built from a plaster material that is built up in layers to form the right shape. Texturally, the figures feel quite a bit like fine sandstone.

One response to “Take your avatar to work

  1. Michael Buckbeehttp://www.fabjectory.com


    This is Mike Buckbee (Fabjectory founder), we’d like to be able to do figures from other virtual worlds, but started with SecondLife as they have the most sane intellectual property policies.

    As you can also model whatever you want within SecondLife, it is quite possible to do things like make a SL model of someones cat and then output it as a figure using our service.


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