YouTubers’ big media backlash

So I had almost finished the most insightful post you are ever likely to see from me when my laptop imploded. Not 30 seconds before I had hovered over the save as draft button but failed to follow through.

Basically, I was getting a bit irritated by the backlash from youtubers about Geriatric1927’s media attention. He was covered in the news here. Guess why? Because it is an interesting story, just like the thousands of other interesting stories there are on YouTube. Youtube is getting more interesting. I have been there for six months, and there are changes. It feels different.

Look, big media can be YouTubers too. It’s YouTubers who have the power. Just seize the power and stop going on about it. YouTubers can ignore big media. They already say they like YouTube because if the diversity of people, of personalities, of stories, if you read responses to Renetto‘s Who Are You question. Big media is not giving them what this seems to be and the reasons why are highly complex.

But YouTubers can always take their channels, stories and personalities somewhere else. Another site. There will always be other interesting content to spend hours sifting through on a cold night. I love the machinima. I love animal videos. I love the conference videos, the pranks, and the arty ones too.

The point is, no one can stop me putting up as many videos as I want, entertaining millions, anywhere I want. If it is compelling enough, there will always be an audience. Look at blogging; look at podcasting. Look at Rocketboom. And if the tools are there, there could well be little communities of participants and non participants, and reltionships – or at least some sort of connections – between them. And that is why this, to me, has become so compelling and immersive. Each stream of responses to one video or another is an ever-changing stream of emotion and creativity (on the whole).

When I was little, my sister and used to “play telly” and “radio”. We did it with a cardboard box and coathanger. Luckily we had a tape recorder for radio. And a mic.

It was fun. Imagine how fun it is now.

2 responses to “YouTubers’ big media backlash

  1. Scooter

    Yo Jo – how about some link luv for and 😉

    podcast ally…..eeeesh

  2. hey scooter!! yus indeed I have updated all my links now – LONG TIME NO DONE!!!

    and realised that I had accidentally switched on “moderate comments” and hence the 55 comments waiting to be answered!


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