So, content with having to deal with dodgy skin outbreaks for 20-odd years, which manifested themselves mostly as individual, vicious, puss-fillled, scarlet and angry boils – monthly – my skin seems to have changed. Hurrah, but no.

Now, all of a sudden, I have the indignity of suffering from blackheads which I can’t catch before they turn into a lighter scattering of irritations. These choose to visit upon my cheeks, which is intensely annoying. I can’t see them either. When I do, I can’t get rid of them.

I remembered as a teenager (having never had blackheads, just hormone-induced boils) that my friends used to have a metallic device to gouge them out. I could never understand the need for such an instrument.

Now I want, no need, one. And I can’t find them in our mainstream chemists. Am I to believe that today’s youth no longer need them? I try all their potions and nothing doing.

So I have had to take my search online. And here it is: Mankind Professional Comedone (Blackhead) Remover from online shop.

How much? I fear 13 squids is a tad much. But it might be fun to see what I missed as a 14 year old. Hmm.

One response to “Blackheads

  1. Try the body shop. They certainly had them when I was 16.

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