Cats that look like Hitler

Hitler cats!
Via a mate.

This is the funniest thing I have seen since Stuff On My Cat.

11 responses to “Cats that look like Hitler

  1. Do you know a cat that looks like a dictator?! Hitler, Stalin etc – if the cat has a distinctive look or even a ‘moustache’ then we want to hear from you. This is for a series for Virgin Mobile & we will pay to film your cat for just half an hour of your time. If you’re interested or can help, please contact:

  2. Cats That Look LIke Hitler

  3. LMAO. How funny is that!


  5. This is no laughing matter , the men and boys at work were urging me to make them laugh with racist and sexist jokes and to be more obscene I was cracking jokes about Jews killed in the Holocaust and German children killed in air raids ( Boeing Boeing Boeing gone ) . One woman was a Jew and the other was a German ………I was fired

  6. Andy Wilmont… quiet please… put a mile on your face…

  7. I wouldn’t touch a little girl , to stop her being hit by a car . Because if I do , the big bad coppers will call me a child molester . Let the kid get killed and I spend a short time in jail for criminal negligance .

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  9. Hi there! I really like your blog!! I will definitely return soon.

  10. The German woman got me well and truly smitten , she looks like the girl / woman I was very keen on marrying . If she looked like Lady Diana she would not have turned me on at all .

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