Apparel gets ‘Second Life’

Apparel brand gets ‘Second Life’ | | CNET
Interesting to see real life clothes labels trying Second Life for size.

Doesn’t say whether you can expect to see your purchases turn up on your doorstep the next day however.

Rather narrow characterisation of what SL residents get up to, as well:

The retailer’s use of eye-catching colors and revealing cuts, though conservative in comparison with the racy, barely there styles sported by ‘SL’ avatars, reports Wallace, fit with SL’s culture, which revolves around the pursuit of sex and fashion.

One response to “Apparel gets ‘Second Life’

  1. I bought a Hoodie.

    But when you unzip it, the zipper dissapears, so you are left with a hoodie that looks like it has ripped edges, unless you zip ot back up a bit.

    Also, the clothes on the racks all look alike except for their colors. You have to browse by looking at the signs…

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