Terra Nova: Pwnage and the Lobbyist Grind

Terra Nova: Pwnage and the Lobbyist Grind
An excellent post here by Linden’s (Second Life) Cory Ondrejka.

He urges us to take action to counter the “pitchfork and torch wielding mob” (his words) who continue to believe that video games are the root of society’s problems.

MMORPG players are already used to grinding, so why not have the “Write to Senator Clinton and tell her you won’t vote for her if she doesn’t spend the time to learn about video games”-quest? Or tools built into MySpace to write your Representatives and Senators? Facebook in particular, with millions of educated college students, should be able to mobilize the kind of lobby that should terrify both local and national politcos.

He makes the salient point that the people who actually run government are not the polticians, but in fact the hoards of bright young graduates – those who most likely have Facebook and MySpace accounts themselves, and who play videogames. He has a point, but it would be interesting to see how many of them, in fact, do have their own presences in those places – one that is not just purely for the sake of the “party”.

If they anything like the ones in the UK, they won’t be playing computer games. They are more likely to be having civilised, awfully grown up dinner parties with “critical friends” to plan their future political paths to the top.

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