Google’s TV eavesdropping

InformationWeek | Internet | Google Researchers Propose TV Eavesdropping | June 7, 2006
This idea from Google of a system that listens to what you are watching on TV and pulls in all relevant web content for you to get that extra special in depth feel to your media experience seems quite far fetched – but it could work for me.

“Google researchers Michele Covell and Shumeet Baluja propose using ambient-audio identification technology to capture TV sound with a laptop PC to identify the show that is the source of the sound and to use that information to immediately return personalized Internet content to the PC.”

I live in a multitasking media home. We compute, text, speak, fly around in SL, with at least two other laptops on at the same time on any given evening.

So much for “us” time eh? No such luck.

Still, maybe this system could one day help me out by doing a lot of the leg work for me. We all know that it is only a matter of time before Google invades the TV space – especially with growing, but still v early, interest in IPTV.

Google EPG anyone?

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