Virtual worlds and web 2.0

It occured to me that I have been thinking the wrong way recently about how the web and its interface will be in the future. Second Life-type worlds will not be the next interfaces where content is malleable and created by anyone; where guilds and communities of sock-dying dwarfs live and love. The web is already morphing into those worlds without even actively trying. They are converging. Or at least I think the borders between the two will melt away soon. Web 2.0 applications and things like this add ever more greater ways to communicate and to express. You can have voice, image, video and more sounds – you can even animate yourself to morph over into the 3D worlds while chatting to your networked peers. We are already trying on different costumes and creating a mish mash of representations for our beings. I can’t wait to see the virtuality happen.

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