Tube gossip

Since I no longer partake in the delights of the London Tube every day in my new role, I thought I would catch up with the Tube gossip by themanwhofellasleep.*


16th February 2006

1. Did you get that free in a newspaper?

2. I love bags. Prada and all that.

3. Your label’s up.

4. Let me show you how love can be between a man and a young lady with large breasts.

5. I want to stab him in the eye.

6. My arms feel radioactive, you know? They feel like they’re throbbing and glowing in the dark.

7. I’m having a cheese flavoured moment.

8. Just shove everything in a blender. It will taste like shit but it’s probably good for you.

9. Don’t trust Dave. He’s too emotional at the moment.

10. What? It’s a song about Iron Man?

*“We all eavesdrop on the tube. (Except if plugged into walkman/Ipod/mother) The following are quotes I have overheard. Are they real? Or are they just the feverish imaginings of a diseased mind? It’s up to you to decide…” – themanwhofellasleep.

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