YouTube – MS Origami

YouTube – MS Origami
This is the talk of the blogosphere if you believe tech.memeorandum. It is the Microsoft handheld It Does It All device. It is brilliant. I can’t help long for one. Someone described it as “ipod but much more.” Why do multimedia devices always get talked about inApple-related speak?

I am not surprised at all that they have been working on a concept device like this “with other partners”. They’d be daft not to.

Anyway. I am not going to bother to describe it because it simply does too much. If you believe the video. I like the moped bit where the guy lifts up his helmet and gets the device out of his knapsack. Now Microsoft WOULD impress me if the guy’s visor was the screen so that he did not have to take the device out of the bag.

*image source=”Halo” on Microsoft’s Origami concept device, in a screen shot from a video that the company says reflects its initial thinking from a year ago, not necessarily a final result. (Digital Kitchen video). Via Todd Bishop’s Microsoft blog.

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