New Year in Second Life

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So talking about New Year, Blugg and I decided to stay in and drink fizzy while checking in on Eric Rice’s New Year virtual party at his Palulop estate in Second Life.

He was doing streaming audio at the same time as dancing the night away inside. People were calling in to talk on the stream, while a whole other world of fun was going on at the same time. We were joined by Dotben too who managed to do a splendid job of representing his hair.

I skulked around the ballroom or whatever it was for a while like I usually do and was in awe of the sophisticated gowns some of the lady-looking avatars were wearing. You earn money in Second Life which lets you buy avatar clothes.

I had to construct my own hence the lampshade.

If you double clicked on Eric’s head you could dance like him too. I couldn’t stop however.

It may sound sad, but it was somewhere near the virtual worlds I could not wait for 10 years ago. Millions of people spend a large part of their lives in virtual worlds, exploring themselves and others or just having fun flying.

Real money is made, love, hate, death, politics and disease happens. I can’t wait to see how they will have evolved in another 10 years.

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