Time for some tube eavesdropping

More tube gossip from themanwhofellasleep.

Taken from 1 September 2005:

1. Suddenly, everyone is using the word ‘polymath’.
2. Mr Bronson is dead. He wasn’t just in Grange Hill…He was in Star Wars.
3. I’ve got a building job next week, it’s in Stanmore or Bushey or somewhere like that.
4. You’re not supposed to smoke, but it doesn’t really matter… it’s an outdoor platform.
5. All she ever does is cry.
6. I am not a cowboy, I do not ride a steel horse and I’m not wanted dead or alive.
7. You’ve got a goober on your sleeve.
8. I binned all the porn on VHS… there’s no point in it anymore.
9. They’re proper Converse. One star.
10. Stephen Fry is quite good at lots of things, but not actually great at anything.

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